Announcing the first members of the Beautiful Rising Advisory Network

First of all, thanks for your interest in Beautiful Rising — the project is generating a lot of excitement so far and we’ve only just begun!

With this short email we just wanted to keep you in the loop as you have asked to be kept updated.

We are thrilled to announce the first few names of people that will be joining the Beautiful Rising Advisory Network — a group of people that will help guide the project as it develops. The first batch we are presenting here have a particular skillset that will help inform the tech and editorial side of the project.

And here they are! (drum roll please)…

Katharine Ainger - co-editor of We Are Everywhere: The irresistible rise of global anti-capitalism and a former co-editor of New Internationalist. Her work has appeared in The Guardian, The New Statesman, Adbusters, and ZNet. She is interested in the points where creativity, radical democracy and ecological justice intersect.

Tom Allen - Global Engagement Manager for ActionAid International, digital expert with an in depth knowledge of the third sector. Have worked predominantly in environmental campaigning, international development and human rights issues and have been involved with most of ActionAid’s International ICT4D projects so far.

Laura Walker Hudson - Chief Executive Officer for Social Impact Lab (makers of FrontlineSMS, award-winning open-source software used in over 135 countries), and Advisory Board Member at SpaceUnited - she has supported people and organizations around the world to use inclusive technologies to make systems and services more accessible, responsive, and resilient.

Anna Levy - Governance Project Director for Social Impact Lab (makers of FrontlineSMS, award-winning open-source software used in over 135 countries) where she is managing programs, projects, and partnerships in relation to transparency and accountability in public services and foreign assistance/international development programs, inclusive policy making, and digital infrastructure for social services.

Aurelia Moser - works as a developer and code-cartographer at Ushahidi and Internews-Kenya, and as an advocate for global code curricula, she balances experience in design, development and data-journo departments. She also coordinates Nodebots-NYC meetups and leads the hub-chapter for Girl Develop It, a non-profit that is empowering women of diverse backgrounds from around the world to learn how to develop software.

Gabi Sobliye - Gabi holds a Masters in Human Rights from University College London. As a programme coordinator for Tactical Tech works on visual persuasion areas central to our book Visualising Information for Advocacy. She works on a variety of data representation projects and is currently working on a visualisation of housing collapses in Egypt. She has an interest in data and design, which, outside of Tactical Tech, she applies to the creation of braided hair wreath displays.

We are working hard to expand the list with more good and inspiring people, particularly people who have close familiarity with the political issues, forces and dynamics at play in the local context.

We will stay in touch very soon with more exciting developments and news!

Soren and the Beautiful Rising team.

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Posted by Søren Warburg
September 30, 2014