Myanmar/Burma workshop and the road ahead


Beautiful Rising facilitators Nadine Bloch (left) and Søren Warburg (right) work to document case studies of creative activism in Myanmar/Burma with local activists.

Hello again,

In late January, we held a four-day workshop at ActionAid’s Global Platform in Yangon, drawing together 20 frontline activists from across Myanmar/Burma to document their successes and distill their key insights. The workshop was a huge success, providing an important look into the constraints and challenges activists are facing and pulling together a community to give input on the activist toolkit as it develops.

Back in North America, we have been working hard to better understand what delivery platforms and content from Beautiful Trouble might resonate for a diverse range of activists in many different regions. To start exploring these questions in a creative way, our design team at The Public Society developed an offline card game for use during the in-country workshops. After rapidly developing numerous versions of the game, testing it with activists in New York, and sharing it with our advisory network, a beta version was sent to Myanmar/Burma just hours before the gathering got underway. You can see the card resources in development here.


The Road Ahead

Beautiful Rising’s next stops are Tunis, Tunisia for the World Social Forum (March 24th-28th) and Amman, Jordan (April 12-15) for our next in-country session.

World Social Forum, March 24th-28th: Beautiful Rising’s next step is Tunis, Tunisia to participate in the World Social Forum. We are currently reaching out to other groups to collaborate on the workshop, but we are envisioning a session will be both hands-on, featuring interactive games and discussions to identify the best examples of creative activism and to help shape the forthcoming Beautiful Rising toolkit. It will also be an opportunity to talk about action strategy – pitfalls and breakthroughs – under politically challenging circumstances.

Amman, Jordan, April 12-15: Our next in-country sessions will be focused on the Middle Eastern Northern Africa (MENA) region. It will be hosted by Action Aid in Amman, Jordan and will invite participants from across the region. We are actively looking for case studies of creative activism from recent struggles that would fit with this workshop – if you have suggestions, please send them to our way.

Thanks for reading. As always, we’re @BeautRising on Twitter and Beautiful Rising on Facebook and we hope you’ll keep us updated on your work too!

– The Beautiful Rising Team

Posted by Phillip Smith
February 17, 2015