Statement of Values

The Beautiful Rising team is committed to embodying the following values:

Open collaboration and distributed leadership

We are committed to ensuring that the Beautiful Rising toolkit is built in active collaboration with frontline activists working in difficult circumstances — particularly women, youth, indigenous peoples, and activists who face discrimination on the basis of their sexual orientation, gender identity, ethnicity, class, race, or religion. The toolkit will be guided by the needs of the movements and activists we work with, prioritizing local voices and local leadership at every stage.

Undoing power and privilege

We commit to working to unravel unequal power relations rooted in historical and structural violence, which can poison well-meaning efforts emerging from places of privilege. We commit to transparency in our aims and funding sources, and we reject efforts by governments, corporations, financial institutions, and international NGOs to suppress or co-opt social movements through direct suppression, tied aid, debt austerity, disinformation, and clandestine support for elite groups.

People power and international solidarity

We stand in solidarity with popular movements’ efforts to defend fundamental rights and exercise grassroots democratic power. We seek to facilitate learning across activist networks and struggles for liberation, and commit to practicing anti-oppression and south-south solidarity in all aspects of our work.

Creativity in the face of violence

We seek to share tools that will amplify the creativity, security and effectiveness of popular movements. Though our focus is on achieving social change through mass movement building and nonviolent direct action rooted in love and solidarity, we do not presume to dictate the range of acceptable responses to each situation.

Enriching the commons while protecting privacy

We will use and contribute to open-source software initiatives whenever possible, and all materials will be free to circulate under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Share Alike 4.0 International License. The toolkit should be accessible regardless of limitations of financial resources, bandwidth, language, technology, and security. As much as possible, we will use communication and collaboration tools that protect contributors’ privacy. If we are required to use systems or networks that we believe to be inherently insecure, we will provide clear guidelines on how to safely engage with these systems and networks.


The Beautiful Rising team claims no responsibility for the victories achieved, the risks incurred, the defeats suffered, nor any unintended consequences that may arise from use of the toolkit.

This document is a work in progress. We welcome input on these values and expect that they will evolve throughout the production of the toolkit. Share feedback here or email dave at, swa at, or marceltaminato at

Posted by Søren Warburg
September 14, 2015