Call for Submissions

BEAUTIFUL RISING: A Global Toolbox for Changemakers

Activista El Salvador celebrates the 22nd anniversary of the peace agreement ending civil war and making way for democracy.

Beautiful Rising will be a modular toolkit of creative activism assembled by activists, organizers and troublemakers across the global south1 and launching August 2016. If you’re involved in innovative, creative activism and want to work with us to document your successes (and failures!) for others to learn from them, we want to hear from you.

We are seeking pitches for short, focused entries (ranging from 200 to 1,000 words) on the following:

  • stories of change and resistance — both successes and failures that illustrate the tools, tactics and principles of effective, creative activism (for example, activists in Uganda smuggling pigs into Parliament

  • effective tactics of creative activism (flash mobs, divestment, creative distruption, pots-and-pans protests, etc.)

  • insightful principles of creative activism (design guidelines of movement building and action planning)

  • useful tools for strategic campaigning and action planning (e.g. pillars of power, points of intervention, etc.)

  • big ideas about how the world works and how we change it (direct action, neoliberalism, hegemony, etc.).

How to contribute

If you are interested in contributing, please fill out this simple form or email your idea to dave at before October 31, 2015 and we’ll follow up. If your pitch is accepted, we’ll work closely with you through an intensive, collaborative editing process. Contributors of published, longer-form modules will be paid for their work.

If you know someone who would have valuable stories and ideas to contribute, or some topic that should be included in the toolbox, please share this call for submissions with them, or send those suggestions our way and we’ll follow up.

About the project

“Like art, revolution is an important dimension of uniquely human activity, a form of species-constitutive behavior that contains its own grammar and logic.”

—George N. Katsiaficas, Asia’s Unknown Uprisings, Vol. II

Beautiful Rising is convening front-line activists and movements from across the global south to distill the most effective approaches and latest innovations in creative activism. The Beautiful Rising toolbox will launch in August 2016 in a range of online and offline/print formats.

Beautiful Rising, a partnership between ActionAid and Beautiful Trouble, is working directly with activists in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Middle East/North Africa region, and has convened an Advisory Network of leading practitioners in social movement activism and technology. We aim to showcase the best examples of creative activism at work in the majority world, partnering directly with grassroots activists to help them illuminate the principles, practices and tactics of effective creative activism they have developed — and to disseminate the resulting toolkit to change-makers worldwide.

  1. Following Vijay Prashad, we use the term global south provisionally, to refer “not to geographical space but to a concatenation of protests against neoliberalism” (The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South, AK Press, 2003.)